40x40x40 Drum Pack

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When KJ Sawka hit 40k likes on Facebook, he celebrated by releasing a 40×40x40 drum pack. Sawkashop is re-releasing this powerful pack of impeccably recorded drums because we love you!

Tech Specs:
40 hand-selected Sawka-loops from various studio recordings at London Bridge Studios, Avast Studios and The Seattle Art Institute.
40 Individual Drum Hits, hand-selected
 Sawka hits from London Bridge Studios.
- These hits are in a folder and inside the Drum Rack.
A special folder of Sawka Extra’s!
Ableton Drum + EFX RACK with 3 drum kits a Smasher1, Smasher2, Twister and Shifter.
Ableton Session reference with one Drumstep and one Drum n Bass midi loop.
All loops and samples are 24/48 quality.
Royalty-free, professional, affordable inspiring