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Super Square is the Billboard chart topping EDM power quad setting out to pioneer "Open format" production in electronica culture by coloring outside the lines producing Progressive House, Electro, Dubstep, and Drumstep, thus spawning a diverse set of electronic music.

Super Square is the combined talents of A_Rival, Jimmy Hits, Helen Eugene, and Ben LaVee. Their noteworthy creative artistry and diverse backgrounds allows them to not only produce their own music but also write, perform and choreograph their own live shows. From headlining Los Angeles's most prestigious EDM clubs to their residency at Marquee Sydney, this power pack of producers is igniting dance floors with hardcore, club-rocking tracks that brings their expressive melodies and pop savvy hooks to the burgeoning EDM scene. Keep an eye out for Super Square as they are setting out to forever change the nightclub experience around the globe.

Check out all of Super Square releases on Impossible Records here.

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