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Dubbed by DRUM MAGAZINE! as the “Ensemble of the Year”, Blood Drums -also known as ‘Street Drum Corps’- debut their latest self-titled album ‘Blood Drums’. ‘Blood Drums’ the album houses an explosive, spine-tingling apocalyptic Mad Max blend of high-energy percussive music that’s thrashing with major rhythm, blood, sweat, and blazing with bass. This is not your typical EDM; scourging the junkyard, they’ve taken the concept of ‘one man's trash is another man's treasure’ to the next level by drawing out the true essence of percussion, utilizing found objects, and combining them with the traditional tools of the trade to create one epic project and stomping album.

Founding members all of which are drummers- consists of, Bobby Alt, Adam Alt, and Frank Zummo, drummer for Krewella and Sum 41, had the vision to create something distinctive and unseen stemming from their passions for percussion, As of late, they’ve teamed up with music producer and world-renowned drummer extraordinaire, KJ Sawka of Pendulum and Destroid, uniting to take this incredible project above and beyond what they’ve already achieved.


  1. Inception
  2. Savage
  3. Fire (Feat. Frank Zummo)
  4. Destroy It With Drums
  5. The End

    Most Popular Track: Blood Drums - Inception (Original Mix)
    Ajapai: 7/10 - Sick
    Dirtyphonics: 8/10
    Mister Black: 10/10 - Huge! Love that intro!!
    Heavy Artillery Recordings: 10/10 - Really nice production quality all the way around.
    Architekt: 10/10 - FU**ING SICK!!